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We built our house with respect for the surrounding environment.

Hedge laying, opaline lamps, pear tree or blackthorn wood, earth coating, hornbeam-wood pegs : inspiration of a way of life, tied in with its natural environment.

Several local craftsmen and artists have worked with us, harmonizing their work to create a relaxing atmosphere.

fleche bas

The restaurant owns a strong cultural identity.

My role is that of the stage director.
My goal is to bring sincerity and empathy to the experience, and to remove unnecessary formalities so that there is harmony with Guillaume's cooking, myself and our hosts.

As you might expect, my thinking about wine exemplifies our appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship and talented people who seek after quality.

The vintners represented on our wine list take care to produce their wine without causing damage to either the environment or humans, employing the simplest and healthiest means to foster the best possible expression of their land.

Quy Phi

Quy-Phi Foucault
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Guillaume Foucault

My cooking vision is based primarily on plants, but reserves a fair and balanced place for the animal world.
I’m always searching for new emotions, new stories that are embedded in memories. I work with passionate people who bring me exceptional products, such as heirloom varietals that have been thriving for centuries, or native ones that have been nearly forgotten in our region. They represent a living heritage, inherited within a richly diverse area. Pears such as Carésy and Calot, Red Crasseau and Red Râteau; Rose and Coudre apples or apples from Billerie, Pigeonnet, or Talauma; black cardamom, vanilla, patchouli; passionflower and hawthorn-flower; Contres poultry and Black Pearl guinea fowl; exceptional fish — all these are part of my everyday cooking palette...


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